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Toby Baer

ASRAM 450 Releases Debut EP RAINBOW

Introducing ASRAM 450 5 RAINBOW EP

Born December 16, 1991, Tobe Baer is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from the San Francisco area. His mother, born in Germany, and his father of Canadian decent both have a deep, appreciation of the arts and music. He was exposed to a variety of influences growing up amongst his international family. While traveling and living in different places around the world, (California, Canada, Germany, and India) Tobe picked up various influences that would later help him to define his work as a songwriter.

Tobe graduated with honors in 2015 from University of California, Santa Cruz with his BA in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. After working as a bio engineer for a year and then a year of teaching special education students, he quickly realized he had to pursue a career in music. In 2017 he moved to Germany, living in his brother’s, German producer Janosch Roth’s studio for almost a year. Working together on Tobe’s skills as a songwriter and producer to best suit his soulful, folk, pop songs with his rich and soulful voice, the brothers recorded dozens of demos. Tobe soon decided to move to New York and in 2018 Tobe met and started working with award-winning international recording artist, producer and artist manager Denise Marsa. In 2019 the brothers partnered with Marsa on the release of Tobe’s master recordings.

Tobe Baer loves making music, and it’s been that way since he first picked up his dad’s guitar as a kid. Tobe shares, “My dad bought his guitar which is now my guitar, from a Japanese friend in Thailand sometime in the 1970’s. It sat in my grandmother’s basement for over 30 years before he gave it to me. It was made by a Japanese instrument company called Jumbo, which no longer exists. I love this guitar.”

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