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Announcement: St. John’s in the Village Live Streaming Series: Denise Marsa Productions partners with Musae & St. John’s in the Village.


In person. In HD. In 360° Virtual Reality.

Located in the heart of the West Village, St. John’s broadcast-quality equipment and professional production team creates immersive, high fidelity virtual and hybrid events. Our 3 spaces are fully compliant with CDC and health regulations, and the turnkey setup includes everything, freeing you to create extraordinary content to inspire audiences.

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Yesterday was seamless and comfortable. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from the viewers regarding everything – the sound, the camera work, the professional production, you name it. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the success of this type of performance and look forward to many more soon. Again, thank you for everything. What you’re doing is keeping the arts alive and well in a tough time for us all. Bravo.” – Sam Gray, Mendelssohn Violin Concerto


→ HD + Immersive 360° Virtual Reality broadcast
→ Audiences get VR headsets with $25 tickets
→ Broadcast quality A/V equipment
→ Grand piano and harpsichord
→ Pro A/V engineering + on-site producer
→ 60-minute broadcast + recording
→ Musae promotion to 15,000+ ticketbuyers

St. John’s in the Village Live & Recorded Streaming Series 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 (New York, New York) – With all things chaotic, quiet and quarantined, St. John’s in the Village is teaming up with Musae and Denise Marsa Productions to create an exciting and viable new platform for musicians to continue to bring their music and talent to audiences safely while keeping their distance and continuing to earn income. The three partners introduce “Live Recording & Streaming from St. John’s in the Village.”

The goal is to present high quality live and recorded streaming and audio concerts, to keep the arts flourishing in the West Village. The team has put together a top of the line, portable studio with a full camera set-up that comes with an experienced live engineer who will be mixing the concert’s audio and visual elements live. Artists can feature their concerts in 360 Virtual Reality or in the traditional format. Filming with the 360 camera will be important for distancing especially with choir and vocal groups where they can be placed throughout the church space during performances. (read full article in West View News)

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