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ASRAM 450 Releases Debut EP RAINBOW

Introducing ASRAM 450 5 RAINBOW EP

(New York, New York) – Indie record label KeyMedia Group announces they are partnering with vocalist ASRAM 450 to release the 5 song EP RAINBOW. The EP features 5 versions of the song RAINBOW, including a pop mix, an electronica dance remix, acapella mix and two instrumental mixes. Written and co-produced by BMG client, singer-songwriter Denise Marsa, the EP was co-produced by German producer Janosch Roth who owns Lautstumm Studios in Sonnenbühl, Germany. Tracks were recorded in both New York City and Germany. The EP was mastered by Burak Atas of Maven Mastering in Izmir, Turkey.

Mixing electronica and pop, the tracks are uplifting and catchy which works well with Asram 450’s moody and velvety voice. Releasing all five versions is a bit of a novel idea which KeyMedia Group is excited about. The RAINBOW EP will be available starting November 11, on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and most music outlets; being distributed by CD Baby.

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