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Dr. Kela Henry, Family Doctor, Speaker, Author

We started working with Dr. Kela Henry in 2014 and our initial goal was to increase Dr. Henry’s visibility as a family practitioner, based out of the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. We built (and maintain) her website and started working with her on her work in the community.

Our work has included media training, book editing, marketing designs, handling contracts with vendors and talent, creating press materials,  pitching media and booking her for personal appearances.

Within a few years we helped her to segue her work towards a demographic she was passionate about reaching, the African American teenage girl. After researching local non-profits in her area we found the best fit for Dr. Henry, we approached the organizations on behalf of Dr. Henry and booked her as a guest speaker.  Soon she began speaking to young girls about Education and Sex. We put together her marketing brochure and helped her with her Power Point Presentation as a guest speaker. We also co-wrote and co-produced her second video, Educations & Sex: Time for a Game Plan Girls! In the video, we introduce what was to become her debut book through her own newly formed imprint BTH CREATIONS LLC. We have been managing the imprint and project managing the book since its inception.

We also planted the initial seed about her writing a book back in 2014! We brainstormed every week about the best approach and way to tackle the topics. The book went through several incarnations. Eventually finding her way in order to speak her mind and share her own experiences with teens while paying  it forward. 2018: Her practice has grown exponentially; and she is releasing her first book, started her imprint BTH CREATIONS LLC and now NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex, debuts September 2018!  On September 1, 2018 Dr. Kela had her first booking signing at Barnes & Noble, Mall of Georgia in Atlanta. Hundreds of people showed up and Dr. Kela broke the record for sales ( past 15 years) from a local author by a long shot! We are very proud to be a part of Dr. Kela’s success!

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